About Us


About Us

피부에 바르는 주얼리

Jewelry alchemy
for your skin.

피부에 바르는 주얼리

Most commercial jewelry is designed so that when worn, the jewelry is what people focus on. I have always thought that it was not very elegant and chic when people notice the jewelry before the person who is wearing the jewelry. My theory was always that the jewelry should assist and make the person who is wearing the jewelry stand out. With these thoughts in mind, ‘xte’ came to birth in 2015 in Milan.

Everyone’s skin needs a little something to make it shine. Just as an alchemist in the ancient times brewed a magical formula so that a woman can rediscover their youth and sexiness, ‘xte’ presents a collection with colors that fits each individual’s skin tone in order to promote uniqueness.

The packaging also reflects this story by putting the jewelry in a prescription bottle as a symbolism that the jewelry will heal as a Medieval alchemist fills a bottle with magical serum.

Less is More.

보이지 않는 것이 진정한 디테일이다.

‘xte’ is a brand made in Vicenza which is a gold city of Italy by combining master craftmanship and innovative technology.

The delicate technology that is also used in diamond cutting is what is behind the chain making process. The technology focuses on the details on a thin chain which works with the body’s movement and also on getting the most sparkle out of a small space.

It is as if it becomes a part of the wearer’s body and becomes a different jewelry depending on how the light is played on the jewelry and on the skin tone.

보이지 않는 것이 진정한 디테일이다.
침묵 속의 움직임, 어둠 속의 움직임

Movement in Silence,
Movement in the

침묵 속의 움직임, 어둠 속의 움직임

‘xte’, pronounced “per te” means “for you” in Italian.

The meaning behind the brand has love as a base and can be interpreted as “I desire you” and “Two as one”. The philosophy is to express love by giving “me” and “you” the same meaning.


컬렉션 소개

‘xte’ is a collection that focuses on the basic designs of chains and reinterpreting the designs. It is a 14K gold collection with a yellow, white, or black outfit on a uniquely designed chain.

  • Lume

    Basic round chain which soaks in the light and reflects it.

  • Lampo

    Diamond cutting on the 4 sides of a square chain in order to give a strong thunder like sparkle.

  • Piatto

    Chain that has delicate craftmanship on a thin and flat chain in order to follow the shape of the body.

  • Fiamma

    Fantasy chain that has a twisted look and color that reflects a burning fire.

  • Lumaca

    Fatasy chain with an arch detail that reflects a snail’s shape.


Onyx stones has both yin and yang energy, and this stone represents a combination of male and female harmony. [Onice Collection] of beautiful harmony between the Lume chain(Rose, Black, YB Color) and the Onyx.


It is a collection of color stones that expresses the light of a rainbow compared to passionate love. [Arco Collection] of beautiful harmony between the Lume chain and 4 color stone.

  • Blue[Wisdom of LOVE] (Lapis stone)
  • Red[Recovery of LOVE] (Red Jasper stone)
  • Green[Protection of LOVE] (Malachite stone)
  • White[The Union of LOVE] (Clam Shell stone)
  • +White Black Collection is Lume Black Chain and White color stone.


It is a button-type earring that makes more complete and more creative and more sensible styling ITEM. It is currently available in 4 color stones and 3 gold, and is planning to release various color series in the future.


It is a collection of circles that represent the center of the world. There are two models: a simple ring earring with 10k Gold and onyx, and a drop chain on the onyx stone. The earrings come in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.